Lock Down

Lock Down

Zwift, it's harder than it looks should be the tag line. I always thought that you didn't get a real work-out on the indoor trainer I was wrong. Here's why:

  • A smart bike will change the resistance, up to a 20% incline on good smart trainers.
  • You are riding with others, making it semi-competitive...and there are many people on each course at any one time.
  • There are sprint and KOM segments, which makes you want to push harder.
  • There are races, I haven't tried one yet, but are bound to be difficult.
  • Group rides, set one up and ride with your mates.
  • Alpe Du Zwift is the 1,030 monster, modelled on the famous Alpe D’Huez. Try it, I did and loved it in a painful kind of way.

The best set up is using Apple TV (4th Gen) as this has the app installed and bluetooth. I also used a Powerline adapter to turn my power point into an ethernet point so no dropped connections. Much better than a PC or IPad using Wifi.

Posted: Mon 06 Apr 2020