Cylcocross - the Punk Rock of Cycle Disciplines

Cylcocross - the Punk Rock of Cycle Disciplines

Cyclocross, the premise is simply:

  • Short (1km ish loops)
  • Race times from 30 to 50 minutes depending on grade
  • A few obstacles
  • A few steep pinches to climb
  • Loads of tight twisty turns, and....
  • a whole lot of mud!

Overlay that with bright bubbly people who all have the same thirst for adventure and an undeniably sense of FUN. If you wrap all that together you have the rapidly growing sport of cyclocross. It is the most relaxed style of "racing" that I have been involved in, maybe because there are three grades from A to C. The B and C grades don't require a specific cyclocross bike, and attracts all sorts of nut bars, which really makes the sport a whole and the huge growth in number participating.

Silversky cycle wear really fits nicely into the Cyclocross ethos...and the whole Silversky family have been involved in the racing. 

It is real honest fun, but get ready to get muddy and finish with a giant smile on your face.

Posted: Friday 28 July 2023