Wilbur Trail Jersey - Video Preview

Wilbur Trail Jersey - Video Preview

Wilbur Cycle Jersey. Silversky Cycle Clothing.

A stylish tailored fit cycle jersey for this rugged beast, at home on the enduro circuit or just as a modern twist on figure hugging alternatives. The rugged Hex-Mesh fabric coupled with double stitching ensures the Wilbur Trail Jersey can take the hits (but hopefully not), the breathable moisture wicking mesh fabric adds another level of comfort while you climb to greatness. The inclusion of dual water proof storage pockets allows you to balance your belongings, think keys in the left pocket and phone in the right pocket and you've got it. Although this all sounds very relaxed the Wilbur is still fitted enough to not flap when hitting warp speed. We love these jerseys as they look cool from the trail to the cafe/pub.

Wilbur Cycle Jersey Mens

Posted: Sat 20 Jul 2019