Enduro Racing in the Smokin’ Trail Jersey

Enduro Racing in the Smokin’ Trail Jersey

The sun emerged in Wellington just in time for a couple laps of Ridgeline at Makara Peak. Local riders have set up a short ‘underground’ enduro series through the park, self timed by scanning a QR code placed at both the top and bottom of the track. Pictured here in the Smokin’ trail jersey at the top of Ridgeline, scanning the QR code to start the timer. After the massive amounts of recent rain, the rocks were slick and the track was sprinkled with a couple bottomless bogs. However, I managed to snag the fastest female time so far. There’s still about a week left for people to record their times so fingers crossed it stays that way! My run felt good - a couple slips but I stayed upright, and my smokin’ shirt kept me nice and cool on the abnormally warm winter’s day.

Lara Comeskey
Makara Peak, Wellington

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Posted: Wednesday 17 August 2022