The Pioneer 2019 - Done and dusted

The Pioneer 2019 - Done and dusted

It's over. Over 400kms on the mountain Bike, huge amount of climbing and six action packed days.


  • Putting the hammer down on the final prologue hill.
  • Jas slipping on a log and breaking/bruising his ribs (not good!).
  • Hammering the Queen stage, both feeling good, and climbing the ranks.
  • Me crashing on the queens stage enduro downhill...on a flat bit at speed flipping the bike in the air and breaking the handlebar (no front brake or gears).
  • Two stages shortened due to the weather, turning both into a time trial.
  • Surviving the last stage, huge 1100mm climb up the Nevis valley. Bad weather, wind, cold, mud.
  • Jas and I both in a very dark place heading for home.
  • The pure elation of finishing a tough Pioneer...the toughest yet.

The Pioneer teaches you mental toughness, that the impossible is possible, your body can be pushed beyond what you can imagine, and you are stronger as a team. We'll be back, maybe not in 2020.

Posted: Sun 08 Dec 2019