The Pioneer 2019

The Pioneer 2019

It's on in under a week. It's the kind of fun in retrospect, it's type two fun, and one hell of a challenge. We've been here two times before and we're back for a third swing (slow learners). Team Silversky will be donning the Vader and Bee so will be sure to stand out.

We're excited, apprehensive, nervous and fully amped. The weather doesn't look flash, but from past experience it never does which only adds to the “experience”.

A lot of work has gone into getting to the start line, bike has had a full rebuild, the body has been hammered with 2,023 kms of riding and 44,700m of climbing over the past three months. In short we’re prepared.

Is the gear you’re wearing being tested like this…does it have practise behind the theory? Ours does.

Posted: Mon 25 Nov 2019