Cycling Wear Bike Wear Custom Cycling Kit Process

Step 1 - Choose your products

Choose a long /short sleeve jersey and/or bib shorts. We are happy to send out  generic size samples for the customized products. Please use the enquiry form below. Please note a returnable deposits is required, returnable on order completion or return of all the samples in good order.

Step 2 - Send us your design

You can send us a full design with associated Adobe files, or a much easier (and encouraged/cheaper) route is to adapt one of our existing designs. Note: We have professional designers and do not charge for two draft designs (beyond that is chargeable)...most charge for the first. See existing designs here.

Step 3 - Sample jersey/pant

We can send you a sample of your actual jersey/pant design for review before we go to full production. Most opt to leave this step out as it adds additional time and cost. Samples are most relevant for larger (+50 products) orders.

Step 4 - Confirmation of order

When you have decided on the design and sizing details you can confirm the order by signing off on the final design. Then once the 50% deposit is received we'll begin production.

Step 5 - Production

Production time varies, but is usually around 3-6 weeks. Let us know in advance if you are working toward an event so we can be sure that the order arrives in time.

Step 6 - Delivery

The exciting part. We always appreciate feedback.

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