About Us

SilverSky Clothing Limited: New Zealand and Australia

We first got into cycling when we returned from London in 2001. After a few years over indulging it was time to get back into the outdoors and a passion for cycling quickly developed. That passion is now a family shared one, with abilities across the spectrum from weekend warrior to regular age group racing throughout the country. We found there was a gap in the market for high quality distinctive cycle wear that was fit for purpose, hence Silversky was born. The clothing has been tested in the extremes of winter and summer for over two years...not only does it continue to perform the colours remain bright and we continue to get feedback on the great styles.

We have very good relationships with our suppliers and work with them to bring the best they have to offer. All clothing has subtle manufacturer branding so you look like a cyclist not a billboard.

 Silversky Track, Crofton Downs Wellington

Soomon Clothing (their words not ours!)

To achieve even higher standards, we employ the most advanced technique in the world by infusing our products with quality and durable material which are windproof, waterproof, tear-resistant, and air-transfer efficient.  The experience gained from our thriving commercial operations in the domestic and national markets enable us to recognize the needs of the cyclist.  All of our products are designed with functionality, appearance, and comfort in mind.  

All of our products undergo extensive and rigorous pre-market testing.  Combining our manufacturing experience and the feedback from our customers, our designers continue to make post-market improvements to meet the demands of our cycling friends.  In addition to our variety of sewing machines and advanced "Sublimation Printing " system, we have a good relationship with our suppliers which also allows us to offer our customers Italian and Japanese fabrics such as "LYCRA", "COOLMAX", "TOPCOOL", "COOLPLUS" and "YKK."

Word of warning

Like most high end clothing producers Soomon suffer from cheap imitations and copies. At Silversky we have seen this first hand. They may look OK intitally, but they have cheap fabrics and zips. Often the zips will break within a week, fabrics will fade and will not function as advertised (i.e. no Windout and no ability to wick moisture), and will not have orginal tags or packagaing. Caveat emptor!